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    • Quality education for all children
    • Promoting smart growth and economic development
    • Putting infrastructure in place for businesses to come to District 97
    • JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS
    • Providing accessible and adequate healthcare for hardworking South Carolinians

    Patsy Knight knows there will always be challenges for our growing state. Patsy believes in “people over politics” approach to service, remains a committed, independent-maverick when it comes to finding the solutions to our challenges. “We must put South Carolinians first, and we must work to fight against those things that divide us, and instead focus on what we can do to unite us”.

    Patsy’s legislative priorities center on…

    • Providing a Quality Education for All Children in South Carolina
      We must work to reform the system in which we fund our public schools. In addition, we must raise the level of pay for our teachers and eliminate unnecessary testing that shifts focus from teaching needed skills to teaching for a test. In addition, we must give our students and adults higher education options through our state technical colleges, and state universities and colleges.
    • Promoting Smart Growth and Economic Development
      Small businesses are the cornerstone of South Carolina communities. While we continue our work to attract large corporations, we must not forget about South Carolina small businesses that employ thousands across the state. Because of her past experiences as a small business owner, she will continue to advocate and file legislation which helps South Carolinians start, maintain and expand their local businesses. She continues to promote smart growth and jobs.
    • Passing a Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan for South Carolina
      While the law passed in 2017 was a start to solving our infrastructure challenges, we must build upon this law and focus our attention to the infrastructure needs of the future. Patsy will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to bring innovation and new ideas to tackle our infrastructure needs.
    • Providing Accessible and Affordable healthcare for all working South Carolinians
      She believes we must do more to give all working South Carolinians options for quality and affordable healthcare services. In addition, we must focus our energy to ensure that our children and seniors’ healthcare needs are met. Patsy will continue to work in a bipartisan manner, focused on people and solutions, and not on any partisan ideology.
    • Making government work for South Carolinians and not Politicians
      Patsy will continue to ensure government is transparent and accountable to the people. Having oversight committees to ensure politicians are not able to selfishly profit off serving the people. Furthermore, will continue to work with all leaders who are committed to fighting corruption within all levels of government. After all, public service is about service, and not about self. AGAIN an elected office is not for personal gain.