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and COMMON SENSE is what Patsy Knight is all about.


Traffic Light @ Central and Butternut


Summerville Journal Scene

Knight celebrates recent traffic safety improvement with local residents   4-12-2012

Butternut and Central traffic light reception    4-10-2012

Thank you Patsy Knight     3-23-2012  (for the Traffic Light)

Central, Butternut signal almost ready    3-6-2012

Misunderstanding on completion on traffic light  9-28-2010

Intersection to get safety makeover   9-1-2009  

Central-Butternut intersection still worries neighbors   6-30-2009  

Butternut, Central and Old Orangeburg intersections   6-23-2009


Infrastructure Articles of accomplishments by Rep Patsy Knight


St. George Wastewater Plant gets $1 million from the state  11-23-2009  Rep Patsy Knight and Senator Matthews presented the county a million check to purchase the Wastewater Plant to help the infrastructure in the rural areas surrounding St. George.  NECESSARY  INFRASTRUCTURE before you can have expansion for JOBS, JOBS, JOBS AND MORE JOBS.

Quick Job Center on the Horizon   9-3-2009 Rep Patsy Knight was the leader to get this training center in St. George.  NECESSARY for education and another opponent of infrastructure for JOBS, JOBS.

County hopes grant writer can secure stimulus package funding   6-02-2009  Rep Patsy Knight presented the county $50,000 to help pay for a grant writer.

St. George sewer deal’s fate may be in voters’ hands   3-8-2008

Quick Job Training Center Check symbolizes presence for job training in St. George  3-4-2008

Dorchester development fund adds $1.2M   3-1-2007


Various Events

S.C. General Assembly Women’s Caucas designates 2012 as The Year of the Girl  6-1-2012

Leadership Dorchester visits Statehouse   2-24-2012

New home for delicious fish   11-3-2011   Rep Patsy Knight attended the fish release.

Myers reception draws appreciative crowd  6-28-2011

Resolution for Pye  6-17-2011

Bridge replacement taking place along Summers Road in Givhans area   5-13-2010

Well represented “Jean Laney Harris Memorial Luncheon”   3-25-2010

Leaders praise Geocycle for expansion, recycling efforts  2-9-2010

Koger House open house to be held Saturday   5-28-2009  Rep Patsy Knight presented funds to finish the renovations.  In the neighborhood of $100,000.

Ivy Garden Club of Dorchester raises Blue Star Memorial Highway marker  3-26-2009   Rep Patsy Knight attended and spoke to the group attending.

Hwy 178 beautification project discussed    12-11-2008

County eyes Interchange Project   4-10-2008

Southern Color N.A.  4-3-2008

Mentoring program uses DADS for student success  3-11-2008

Know your state lawmakers   6-3-2007


Post and Courier/Journal Scene

Knight, Stavrinakis make themselves at home in House 1-10-2007

Knight bests Bailey to keep House seat  11-8-2008

Knight leading Bailey for House   11-5-2008

Knight arrives at Democratic headquarters  11-4-2008

Knight, Bailey to compete again in Dorchester 11-2-2008

Do not rehire  9-30-2008

Bailey’s resume again questioned  9-30-2008

Bailey looks to reclaim old seat  9-25-2008

Knight bests Bailey to take House District 97 seat 11-8-2006

Bailey to face Knight   6-14-2006

Political veterans vying for District 97 House seat     10-23-2006